Member variable XbpPrinter():spoolFormat Foundation

The format of the spool file.

Attribute: READONLY
Data type: Numeric | Character | NIL

The :spoolFormat instance variable contains a value which specifies the format used for spooling print jobs. The spool format is defined when a printer object is created using the method :create(). The value in :spoolFormat is the same value as that assigned to the <nSpoolFormat> parameter to method :create(). If the printer object is not yet created, :spoolFormat is NIL.

The value contained in the instance variable can be one of the following #define constants defined in XBPDEV.CH.

Pre-defined spool formats
Constant Meaning
PRN_Q_STD *) Format defined by the printer driver
PRN_Q_RAW Raw commands used by the printer, eg. PCL
PRN_Q_TEXT Plain text
PRN_Q_EMF Enhanced metafile format
  1. Default value

If the printer supports non-standard spool formats, :spoolFormat can also contain a character string with the name of the spool format.

A printer's spool format should not be changed unless the application has specific printing requirements. Selecting an improper spool format may cause the print output to be garbled, or the application may fail to print at all.

For XPS-based printer drivers (Windows 8, Server 2012 and above), pass-through mode is used automatically ("XPS_PASS") if the format PRN_Q_RAW is used.


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