Method XbpPrinter():setResolution() Foundation

Retrieves or sets the print resolution.

:setResolution( [<aResolution>] ) --> aResolutionOld | NIL
:setResolution( [<nResolution>] ) --> aResolutionOld | NIL
<aResolution> is a 2-element array holding numeric values which define the print resolution in X and Y direction {<nDPI_X>, <nDPI_Y>}. The unit is Dots Per Inch. Valid values can be obtained via the :resolutions() method.
Alternatively, the method accepts as a parameter a #define constant from XBPDEV.CH. The following constants are available:
#define constants for :setResolution()
Constant Description
XBPPRN_RESOLUTION_DRAFT Prints in draft mode
XBPPRN_RESOLUTION_LOW Prints in low resolution
XBPPRN_RESOLUTION_MEDIUM Prints in medium resolution
XBPPRN_RESOLUTION_HIGH Prints in high resolution

The method returns the previous setting in form of an array similar to the parameter <aResolution>. If the printer does not support setting this option, this method returns NIL.


The method determines the resolution of printed output. A higher resolution improves the quality of what appears on paper but requires more time until a print job is finished.


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