Method XbpPrinter():resolutions() Foundation

Retrieves the resolutions supported by the current printer device.

:resolutions() --> aResolutions | NIL

The method returns a 2-dimensional array having 2 columns. The left column contains the print resolution in X direction (horizontally) while the right column contains the resolution in Y direction (vertically). Both are numeric values given in the unit Dots Per Inch (DPI):

{ {<nDPI_X>, <nDPI_Y>}, ; 
  { <...>  , <...>   }  } 

If the printer does not support different resolutions, the return value is NIL.


This method is used to determine the resolutions supported by a printer. The values listed in the returned array can be passed to the :setResolution() method in order to select a particular resolution for a print job. Low resolutions increase the speed but reduce the quality of printed output.


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