Method XbpPrinter():setDuplexMode() Foundation

Sets or retrieves the mode for duplex printing

 :setDuplexMode( [<nMode>] ) --> nDuplexModeOld | NIL
A #define constant from XBPDEV.CH must be used for <nMode>. The following constants are available:
#define constants for duplex mode
Constant Description
XBPPRN_DUPLEXMODE_OFF do not print double-sided
XBPPRN_DUPLEXMODE_BOOK arrange output "side-by-side"
XBPPRN_DUPLEXMODE_MEMO arrange output "top-down"

The method returns the previous setting or NIL, if the printer does not support double-sided printing.


If print output is to appear on both sides of a sheet of paper, duplex mode must be turned on. The print output can be arranged depending on how a page is turned, either from left to right, or from bottom to top.


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