Method XbpPrinter():setupDialog() Foundation

Activates a dialog that allows the user to select attributes for the print job.

:setupDialog() --> self

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The method :setupDialog() displays and activates a dialog that is used to set the print job attributes. This window is used to determine printer specific settings for the print job. For example, the paper size and whether the orientation is portrait or landscape can generally be set.

The method closes the printer port. It may not be called between :startDoc() and :endDoc().

The :setupDialog() method activates the dialog that was installed along with the printer driver. If this dialog is faulty, the problem must be solved by the manufacturer of the printer driver. For example, if a dialog cannot be closed using the "Ok" pushbutton, no changes to print job attributes can be made. If a problems such as this occurs, the only solution is to install a newer version of the printer driver.


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