Member variable XbpFontDialog():viewScreenFonts Foundation

Determines whether to include screen fonts.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.T.)

The :viewScreenFonts instance variable contains the default value .T. (true). This means that by default the font dialog displays those fonts that can be output to the screen. In order to also include the printer fonts in the display, the XbfFontDialog object must have a printer presentation space (see :printerPS instance variable) and the value of the :viewPrinterFonts instance variable must be set to .T. (true) before the :create() method is executed.

When an XbpFontDialog object contains a printer presentation space, the simultaneous display of screen fonts can be suppressed if the instance variable:viewScreenFonts is set to .F. (false) before :create() is executed.


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