Member variable XbpFontDialog():defaultWeightClass Foundation

Specifies the weight of the font initially selected in the font dialog.

Attribute: EXPORTED

The :defaultWeightClass instance variable determines the default setting for the list of font styles in the combo box "Style". Note that the font style is a combined attribute determined by the values in the :defaultWeightClass and :defaultItalic member variables. If no default weight is specified, the font initially displayed in the dialog has the default weight defined by the font designer. In order to pre-select a bold font, for example, assign the constant XBPFONT_WEIGHT_BOLD to :defaultWeightClass. In this case, a bold variant of the default font is pre-selected in the dialog, and the font style in the "Style" combo box includes the style "Bold" or a localized equivalent. See XbpFont:weightClassfor a list of legal values for :defaultWeightClass.


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