Method XbpFontDialog():display() Foundation

Displays the font dialog.

:display( [<nMode>] ) --> oFont | NIL
<nMode> determines the operating mode of the font dialog. The XBP.CH file contains #define constants for the three possible operating modes:
Operating modes for font dialogs
Constant Description
XBP_DISP_APPMODAL Application wide modal dialog
XBP_DISP_MODELESS *) Non-modal dialog
XBP_DISP_SYSMODAL System wide modal dialog
  1. Default
This parameter is ignored under Windows. A font dialog opens always in modal operating mode.

The return value of this method depends on whether the operating mode is modal or non-modal. If the mode is modal, the font dialog returns an XbpFont object after the user presses the "OK" pushbutton. If the "Cancel" pushbutton is pressed (no selection is made), NIL is returned.:display() always returns NIL in the non-modal operating mode.


The :display() method displays the font dialog on the screen and returns the XbpFont object that describes the selected font. The Xbase++ program waits for the return value of the :display() method before continuing. As soon as the user has made a selection, the window of the font dialog is closed and the Xbase++ program continues. When the user terminates the selection using the "Cancel" pushbutton, the method returns the value NIL.


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