Member variable XbpDialog():origin Foundation

Sets the origin of the coordinate system for the dialog window.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (XBPDLG_ORIGIN_OWNER)

The instance variable :origin defines the reference point for the parameter <aPos> passed to the method :new(). This instance variable defines the origin of the coordinate system that <aPos> is relative to. The value of :origin must be a #define constant from the file XBP.CH. The available constants are listed in the following table:

Constants for the origin of a dialog window
Constant Description
XBPDLG_ORIGIN_OWNER *) Origin is point {0,0} of the owner window
XBPDLG_ORIGIN_SCREEN Origin is point {0,0} of the desktop window
XBPDLG_ORIGIN_MOUSE Origin is the current mouse position
  1. Default value


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