Member variable XbpDialog():icon Foundation

The resource ID of an icon.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (0)

The numeric resource ID of the icon can optionally be assigned to the instance variable :icon. If an icon is specified, it is displayed at the left end of the title bar of the XbpDialog window. The icon and its numeric ID must be defined as a resource in an ARC file.

If this property is left at its default value (0), a default icon is displayed in the dialog's title bar. If the value -1 is set for the :icon property, no icon is displayed.

On the Windows platform, specifying an icon for an XbpDialog object causes the icon to be displayed in the dialog's title bar as well as in the dialog opened when pressing ALT+TAB. Depending on the setting of the object's :taskList property, the icon may also be displayed in the taskbar button representing the dialog. Because Windows uses different image sizes for the icons displayed in the title bar and the ALT+TAB dialog, it is recommended that the icon linked into the application's resource defines at least two images: a smaller image for display in the title bar and a larger one for display in the ALT+TAB dialog. If multiple images are defined within the icon resource whose ID is specified in the :icon property, XbpDialog objects automatically select images on a "best fit" basis. The standard image sizes for icons displayed in the title bar and the ALT+TAB dialog are 16x16 and 32x32 pixels, respectively.

Windows supports suppressing the display of an icon only for border styles XBPDLG_DLGBORDER and XBPDLG_RAISEDBORDERTHICK_FIXED. For other border styles, the Xbase++ default icon is displayed.


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