Event XbpDialog():killDisplayFocus Foundation

XbpDialog window is losing display focus.

:killDisplayFocus := {| uNIL1, uNIL2, self | ... }
:killDisplayFocus () --> self
xbeP_KillDisplayFocus (1048631)

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The event xbeP_KillDisplayFocus is generated after the dialog window has lost display focus. This generally occurs when a user clicks the mouse in another window.

Within the callback code block or method :killDisplayFocus the functions SetAppFocus() or SetAppWindow() must not be called, be it directly or indirectly! Calling one of these functions in this situation (focus is lost) can disrupt the message stream of the presentation manager which can lead to a system halt in the worst case. Only after xbeP_SetDisplayFocus is returned by AppEvent() both functions may be called again.


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