Member variable XbpDialog():alwaysOnTop Foundation

Determines whether the dialog window can be covered by other dialogs.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.F.)

The logical value in :alwaysOnTop determines whether the dialog object can be covered by other dialog windows. If the value .T. (true) is contained in this instance variable, the XbpDialog object always stays on top of other windows, even if it currently is inactive. Only dialogs that also have :alwaysOnTop set to .T. can be placed above the XbpDialog object. :alwaysOnTop defaults to .F. (false). This creates a dialog that can be placed in the background if it is not the active (current) window.

The value in instance variable :alwaysOnTop is ignored, if the dialog is created as an MDI client window. An MDI client window has the :drawingArea of another XbpDialog window specified as the parent object.


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