Member variable XbpDialog():modalResult Foundation

Specifies the result of a modal dialog.

Attribute: READONLY

The instance variable :modalResult specifies the result of a modal dialog. Applications typically use one of the pre-defined result values shown in the table below:

Constant Description
XBP_MRESULT_NONE No result value available, modal dialog is active
XBP_MRESULT_OK Default button (Ok) has been pressed
XBP_MRESULT_CANCEL Cancel button has been pressed
XBP_MRESULT_RETRY Retry button has been pressed
XBP_MRESULT_YESTOALL Yes to All button has been pressed
XBP_MRESULT_ERROR An error occured while processing modal dialog
  1. Defined in

Modal dialogs are displayed using method :showModal(). This method executes until a result value has been determined for the modal dialog. To terminate :showModal(), the result value of the dialog must be assigned to instance variable :modalResult. Any value except the constant XBP_MRESULT_NONE qualifies as a valid result for a modal dialog. As long as the value XBP_MRESULT_NONE is contained in the :modalResult instance variable, method :showModal() continues to be executed.


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