Method XbpTreeViewItem():setData() Foundation

Associates a value with the XbpTreeViewItem object.

:setData( <xValue> ) --> lSuccess
<xValue> optionally specifies an arbitrary value to be associated with the XbpTreeViewItem object. If no code block is contained in the instance variable :dataLink, <xValue> is required. Otherwise, the data code block is evaluated and its return value is used for <xValue>.
This method returns .T. (true) if a value is associated with the XbpTreeViewItem object, otherwise it returns .F. (false).

An arbitrary value can be associated with an XbpTreeViewItem object. The method :setData() assigns the value to the object. If a code block is contained in the instance variable :dataLink, this is evaluated without arguments and the return value of the code block is used for <xValue>. The code block contained in :dataLink is not evaluated when a value is explicitly specified as a parameter in the call to the method :setData().


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