Method XbpQuickBrowse():setDataLink() Foundation

Specify a new datalink for the object or return the old one.

:setDataLink( [<oNewDatalink>] ) --> oOldDatalink
This parameter may either be omitted or an object of type DacPagedDatastore.

This method either returns the original value in case NIL was passed for <oNewDatalink>, or <oNewDatalink> in case a new, valid parameter was specified for <oNewDatalink>.


When the parameter <oNewDatalink> is specified with a valid object of the class DacPagedDatastore, then this method assigns this object to the IVar :dataLink. It also adjusts the browser to the new datalink, for example it will call the method :setAbsolutePageSize() on the new datalink to adjust the paged datastore to the number of rows in the browser. It also configures the browser to the number of columns of the datalink, respectively.

The difference to the method :configure() is that :setDataLink()tries to maintain the current configuration, whereas :configure()resets the configuration to that from :dataLink.


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