Method XbpQuickBrowse():create() Foundation

Requests system resources for the XbpQuickBrowse object.

:create() --> self

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


Executing the method :create() is important in the life cycle of each XbpQuickBrowse object. After an XbpQuickBrowse object is instantiated, the object exists but is not yet operational. System resources must be requested from the operating system for the object to become fully functional. This is done using the method :create(). This method has the same parameter list as the method :new(). This means that the parent, owner, size, etc. can be specified either in the method :new() or the method :create().

During creation of a quick browse object, several code blocks are installed into the callback slots of the objects used to maintain the browser's heading and data areas. These code blocks are used for forwarding notifications from the respective area to the XbpQuickBrowse object, and are required for proper operation. The following table lists the callback slots that are changed by method :create().

XbpMultiCellGroup callback slots changed by :create()
Callback slot Purpose
:lbDown Used for input focus management
:lbUp Used for row cursor management
:motion Used for row cursor management
:itemMarked Used to generate xbeBRW_ItemMarked
:itemSelected Used to generate xbeBRW_ItemSelected
:customDrawCell Used to generate xbeP_CustomDrawCell


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