Method XbpQuickBrowse():drawRow() Foundation

Displays values in one browser row.

:drawRow( <nRow>, <nCol>, <aValues>, ;
          <nColCount> [,<lRedraw>] ) --> lSuccess
This numeric parameter specifies the row to be displayed. The value for this parameter must be in the range between 1 and :rowCount.
This numeric parameter specifies the column from which the display starts. The value for this parameter must be in the range between 1 and :colCount.
This parameter is expected to contain an array holding the data to be put into the respective cells. Note that the length of <aValues> must be greated than or equal to the value of :ColCount.
This numeric parameter instructs the browse how many adjacent cells to draw. Please note that <nColCount> must be lower than or equal to the length of <aValues>.
The default value for <lRedraw> is .T. (true), which indicates that the row is painted. If .F. (false) is specified, then the browser will only store the given value for later repainting.

The method returns .T. (true) if the row could be displayed, or .F. (false) in case of a failure.


:drawRow() is a method which is used internally by the browser to draw a row. The methods :Stabilize(), :ForceStable() use this method to draw the contents of one row on the data area.

The parameter <aValues> defines the data to be displayed, it is important to know that this parameter always specifies the complete set of columns. So the length of <aValues> needs to be greater or equal to the length of :colCount. With the parameters <nCol>and <nColCount> one specifies the columns which are painted.

By calling the method :drawRow(), the browser stores the data passed in the specified rows and columns of the data area and uses these values when the browser needs to be repainted with the xbeP_Paint event. Please note that the processing of the xbeP_Paint event within XbpQuickbrowse does not call the :drawRow() method, though.


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