Method XbpPrinter():startDoc() Foundation

Signals the beginning of graphic output (the start of a document).

:startDoc( [<cPrintJobname>] ) --> self
<cPrintJobname> is a character string indicating the name of the document to print. The string is displayed in the print job list of the printer while the document gets printed. If no string is passed for this parameter, the string assigned to the instance variable :spoolJobName is used instead.

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


An XbpPrinter object only records graphic output that is performed between the calls to the :startDoc() and :endDoc() methods. The method :startDoc() signals the start of output and the method :endDoc() signals the end. Graphic primitives called between the two methods are recorded (spooled) by the XbpPrinter object. After :endDoc() is executed, the spooled data is sent to the printer.


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