Method XbpPrinter():setFontMode() Foundation

Retrieves or sets the font options for this printer.

:setFontMode( [<nMode>] ) --> nModeOld | NIL
A #define constant from XBPDEV.CH must be used for <nMode>. The following constants are available:
#define constants for :setFontMode()
Constant Description
XBPPRN_FONTMODE_GRAPHIC Print truetype fonts as graphics. This is the default for dot-matrix printers.
XBPPRN_FONTMODE_DOWNLOAD Download truetype fonts as soft fonts. This is the default for PCL printers.
XBPPRN_FONTMODE_DOWNLOADOUTL Download truetype fonts as outline soft fonts.
XBPPRN_FONTMODE_SUBSTITUTE Substitute truetype fonts with device fonts. This is the default for PostScript printers.

The method returns the previous setting or NIL, if the printer does not support this option.


The method allows for defining how truetype fonts are to be printed. This depends on the printer and the printer driver.


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