Method XbpPrinter():setCollationMode() Foundation

Retrieves or sets the collation mode of the current printer device.

:setCollationMode( [<nMode>] )  --> nModeOld | NIL
A #define constant from XBPDEV.CH must be used for <nMode>. The following constants are available:
#define constants for the collation mode
Constant Description
XBPPRN_COLLATIONMODE_ON Use collation when printing copies.
XBPPRN_COLLATIONMODE_OFF Print all copies of a page before printing the next page.

The method returns the previous setting or NIL, if the printer does not support this option.


The method specifies whether or not collation should be used when printing multiple copies of a document. If collated copies of a document are printed, each page is printed in proper numerical sequence. For example, the copies of a three-page document would be printed as collated stacks of pages one, two and three (1-2-3, 1-2-3 etc.). Generating collated copies requires data to be sent for each page printed.

Without using collation, the data for each page is stored in printer memory and reused to print subsequent copies of the page. This approach requires less resources. However, the pages in the document appear out of numerical sequence; all copies of the first page are printed before moving on to the second page and so on (1-1.., 2-2..., 3-3... etc.).


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