Method XbpPrinter():forms() Foundation

Retrieves the forms selectable on the printer device.

:forms() --> aForms | NIL

The method returns a 2-dimensional array having 2 columns. The left column contains the numeric IDs of the available forms while the right column contains their names as strings:

{ {<nFormId>, <cFormName>}, ; 
  { <...>   , <...>      }  } 

If a printer driver does not support form selection, the method returns NIL.


<nFormId> can be passed to the :setFormSize() method to select a form. It corresponds with the #define constants XBPPRN_FORM_* listed in the XBPDEV.CH file. <cFormName> is platform- and/or language-dependent and is useful for building a customized printer-properties dialog. The size of a form can be determined using the :paperSize() method.


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