Method XbpBitmap():setProperty() Foundation

Modifies a property of an image.

:setProperty( <cPropertyName>, <xValue> ) --> lSuccess
The parameter <cPropertyName> contains a character string which identifies the property. Image properties are stored as tuples of property names and values. Please see the section on :getProperty() for further details.
<xValue> specifies the value to be stored in the property. If NIL is passed in the <xValue> parameter, the property is removed from the image.

The method returns .T. (TRUE) if the property was modified successfully. Otherwise, the return is .F. (FALSE).


The method :setProperty() modifies a property in an image. Image properties are stored in the image file and typically contain supplemental information, such as the name of the author, a copyright notice or the application which created the file. This information may be used for searching or for categorizing images in image-processing applications.

If the value NIL is passed in the <xValue> parameter, the specified property is removed from the image.

Image properties are persisted only when the image is written to disk. In other words, changing a meta data property using :setProperty()has no effect until the image is saved using the method :saveFile().


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