Method XbpBitmap():getProperty() Foundation

Retrieves a property from an image.

:getProperty( <cPropertyName> ) --> xValue
The parameter <cPropertyName> contains a character string which identifies the property. Image properties are stored as tuples of property names and values. The Windows platform supports multiple sets of properties which contain related information, for example, System.* or System.Image.*. The following table lists the property sets which are currently supported. Full details on these property sets and the available properties are available online:
Image property sets
Property Set Contents
System General properties, such as author, title or copyright
System.GPS Properties for maintaining location information
System.Image Image-related properties, such as width or compression
System.Photo Photo-related properties, such as the camera model

The method returns the value of the specified property.


The method :getProperty() retrieves a property from an image. Image properties are stored in the image file and typically contain supplemental information, such as the name of the author, a copyright notice or the application which created the file. This information may be used for searching or for categorizing images in image-processing applications.


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