Method XbpBitmap():presSpace() Foundation

Sets or returns the presentation space linked to the XbpBitmap object.

:presSpace( [<oPS>] ) --> oOldPresSpace
The parameter <oPS> allows a new presentation space to be optionally specified for graphic output performed in the bitmap. The XbpBitmap object then becomes the output device for the new presentation space. Note that <oPS> must not be associated with another output device already. It must be created new using XbpPresSpace():new().

This method returns the presentation space associated with the XbpBitmap object before the method is called.


The :presSpace() method links a presentation space with an XbpBitmap object. Drawing is done in a bitmap object using the functions of the GRA engine. To include the results of Gra...() functions in a bitmap, the presentation space of the XbpBitmap object is specified in the calls of the Gra...() functions. These functions then draw in the raster image managed by the XbpBitmap object rather than to the screen or printer. The method :draw() of the XbpBitmap object is used to display the drawing.


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