Method XbpBitmap():setIPicture() Foundation

Initializes the bitmap through an IPicture automation object.

:setIPicture( <oPicture> ) --> lSuccess
An automation object connected to an IPicture COM object.

The method returns a logical value. If the XbpBitmap object was initialized, the value .T. (true) is returned. In case of an error, return is .F. (false).


When working with COM/ActiveX objects, an Xbase++ application often needs to manipulate images which are stored in COM/ActiveX properties, or which are returned by method calls. In this case, the image is usually returned as an AutomationObject() connected to an IPicture COM/ActiveX interface. However, generally objects of class AutomationObject cannot be used with Xbase Parts or the Graphics Engine. Instead, the image must be specified as an XbpBitmap() or XbpMetaFile() object.

Method :setIPicture() initializes an XbpBitmap object with image data from an IPicture COM/ActiveX interface. This method provides a convenient way to retrieve the bitmap maintained by a IPicture COM/ActiveX interface.


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