Method XbpBitmap():getColorTable() Foundation

Retrieves the color table of a bitmap.

:getColorTable( [<nNumColors>] ) --> aRGBColors|NIL
The optional parameter <nNumColors> specifies the number of colors the returned color table should consist of.

The method returns a two dimensional array with three columns. Each element contains an array {nRed, nGreen, nBlue} representing the color intensities for a RGB color.

True color bitmaps do not have a color table. Therefore, the parameter <nNumColors> must be specified for the method to return an array. If no parameter is passed with a true color bitmap, the return value is NIL.


The :getColorTable() method retrieves the color table of a bitmap. The returned array can be passed to the :setColorIndex() method of a presentation space. If <nNumColors> is not specified, the method returns a color table only for bitmaps with a color depth of 8 bit or less. Bitmaps having a greater color depths do not have a color table and the return value is NIL in this case.

If <nNumColors> is given, a color table is synthesized with the number of colors requested. This can be used for color reduction, for example, i.e. to display a true-color bitmap on a system running a lower color resolution.


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