Function WorkSpaceList() Foundation

Retrieves alias names of all used work areas in a work space.

WorkSpaceList( [<nWorkSpace>] ) --> aAliasNames
Constants from DMLB.CH must be used for the optional argument <nWorkSpace>. It specifies the work space in which WorkSpaceList() is executed. The following table lists all valid constants:
Constants to specify the work space
Constant Description
DB_ZEROSPACE WorkSpaceList() is executed in the Zero space
DB_WORKSPACE *) WorkSpaceList() is executed in the current work space
  1. default

The function returns a one-dimensional array. It contains character strings with the alias names of all used work areas. If no work area is used, an empty array is returned.


With the function WorkSpaceList(), the number of work areas used at a given time can be determined as well as a list of all alias names in use. The function is a specialized form of WorkSpaceEval().


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