Function GetEnableEvents() Foundation

Determines if AppEvent() or Inkey() is used by the Get system.

GetEnableEvents( [<lToggle>] ) --> lUseAppEvent
When READ or ReadModal() is executed, the logical expression <lToggle> determines whether keyboard reading is done by Inkey() or by AppEvent(). The default value of <lToggle> is the return value of SetMouse() at the first call to READ or ReadModal().

When GetEnableEvents() is called without an argument, it returns the current setting as a logical value. The value .T. (true) indicates that the function AppEvent() is used in the Get system, and .F. (false) indicates that Inkey() is used. If <lToggle> is passed, the setting is made with this value and the previous value is returned.


Keyboard reading can be done by Inkey() or by AppEvent() in the Xbase++ Get system. Inkey() is a compatibility function and recognizes no mouse events. Using GetEnableEvents(), you can choose between either function. At the first call to ReadModal() or READ, GetEnableEvents() is called with the return value of SetMouse() as its parameter. This means that if SetMouse(.T.) occurs before the first execution of READ or ReadModal(), mouse events are handled by the Get system.


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