Function DispEnd() Foundation

Displays buffered screen output.

DispEnd() --> NIL

The return value of DispEnd() is always NIL.


DispEnd() ends the buffering of screen output started by DispBegin(). After DispEnd() the contents of the buffer are displayed on the screen.

DispEnd() is always used with DispBegin(). With complex screen output a display is kept off the screen until the buffer is released by DispEnd(). Accelerated screen updating is attained.

A detailed description of DispBegin()/DispEnd() is found under DispBegin().

Buffered display of a box
// In this example a box is output on the screen. 
// A second box is then output between DispBegin() and 
// DispEnd(), causing the second box to be displayed 
// "behind" the first and the first box not to be 
// overwritten. 

   LOCAL cScreen 
   DispBox(7,10,17,60,1,"W+/BG")     // display first box 

   DispBegin()                       // start screen buffering 

   cScreen := SaveScreen(7,10,17,60) // save first box 
   DispBox(12,20,22,70,2,"W+/B")     // display second box 
   RestScreen(7,10,17,60,cScreen)    // restore first box 

   DispEnd()                         // display screen buffer 

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