Function DispBegin() Foundation

Initiates the buffering of screen output.

DispBegin() --> NIL

The return value of DispBegin() is always NIL.


DispBegin() starts the buffering of screen output. Display is suppressed and temporarily stored until the function DispEnd() is called. After DispEnd() the buffers are displayed on the screen. When an Xbase++ application runs in a window, the buffering extends only to the active window and not the entire screen.

DispBegin() is always used with DispEnd(). A display on the screen is held in a buffer until the buffer is released with DispEnd(). This allows accelerated screen updating, especially with complex screen output.

For normal display operations the functions DispBegin() / DispEnd() are not needed. Their use is optional.

Calls to the function DispBegin() can be nested. If DispBegin() is called before the function DispEnd(), the internal counter of the function DispCount() is incremented. Buffered screen output occurs until a corresponding number of DispEnd() calls are made. Only then is the output visible on the screen.

Buffered display of a box

// In this example a box is displayed on the screen. 
// Then a second box is output several times on the 
// screen with a buffered display. This creates the 
// impression that the second box is moving "behind" 
// the first across the screen. 

   LOCAL cScreen, nTop:= 0, nLeft:= 0, nBottom:= 10, nRight:= 50 

   DispBox(7,10,17,60,1,"W+/BG")     // display first box 

   DO WHILE nTop < MaxRow() 
      DispBegin()                    // start screen buffering 

      cScreen := SaveScreen(7,10,17,60)  // save first box 
                                     // display second box 
      RestScreen(7,10,17,60,cScreen) // restore first box 

      DispEnd()                      // display screen buffer 

      Sleep(10)                      // wait a moment 

      DispBegin()                    // start screen buffering 
                                     // delete second box 
      Scroll(nTop, nLeft, nBottom, nRight) 
      RestScreen(7,10,17,60,cScreen) // restore first box 

      DispEnd()                      // display screen buffer 
                                     // specify new coordinates 
      nTop++ ; nLeft++ ; nBottom++ ; nRight++ 


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