Function DbSetFound() Foundation

Returns or sets the status of the function Found()

DbSetFound( [<lNewSetting>] ) --> lOldSetting
The optional logical expression <lNewSetting> can be used to set the return value of the function Found().

The function DbSetFound() returns the function value of the function Found() prior to this call of DbSetFound().


DbSetFound() can explicitly set the return value of Found(). Found() returns a logical value which is .T. (true) after a successful search operation. Otherwise, it is .F. (false).

The found status is set to .T. by the functions DbSeek(), DbLocate() and DbContinue() when a record is found. When the record pointer is moved (for example, with DbGoto() or DbSkip()) the found status is reset to .F. (false).

A found status exists for each work area to signal the success of the last executed search operation. If the found status is set by DbSetFound(), DbSetFound() returns the old value.


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