Function DbeList() Foundation

Returns the loaded database engines (DBE).

DbeList() --> aDBElist

The return value of DbeList() is a two dimensional array containing information about loaded DBEs. The structure of the array is shown in the following table:

Structure of the DbeList() array
Column Contents Data type
1 Name of the loaded DBE C
2 Hidden flag L

When no database engines are loaded, the function returns an empty array.


The function DbeList() is used to determine which database engines (DBEs) are currently loaded and available. In Xbase++, DBEs can be loaded and also released during runtime of a program. This is done using the functions DbeLoad() and DbeUnload(). When a DBE was loaded as "hidden", it cannot be used directly for file management and is only available as an individual component for generating a new compound DBE. New compound DBEs are created using the function DbeBuild().

// The example lists the names of the loaded DBEs 
// as well as their status. 

   LOCAL aDBE := DbeList() 

   AEval( aDBE, {|a| QOut(a[1], a[2]) } ) 


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