Function DacSqlStatement() Professional

Returns a spezialized SQL statement class object

DacSqlStatement( [<oSession>|<cSession>] ) -> oSqlStatement
An instance of DacSession() or a derived class. The session must be in a connected state. Otherwise, a runtime error is generated.
The name of a connected session. Use "global.memory" to select the global session of the embedded SQLite engine.

The function returns the class object of a SQL statement class derived from SqlStatement.


The function DacSqlStatement() returns a specialized SQL statement class object suitable for use with the connection passed.

The class object returned is typically used in conjunction with the :fromChar() method for creating a SQL statement that is first built using :build(), and then executed with the :execute() or :query() method.

If the parameter <oSession> is not passed, DacSqlStatement() uses the default session of the current thread. If there is no default session, a SQL statement object suitable for use with the embedded SQLite engine and its in-memory database is returned.

Passing a session name allows to select the session object by name. Using "global.memory" as the session name selects the global session of the embedded SQLite engine.


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