Class SqlStatement() Foundation

Abstract base class which implements build and execution of SQL statements


The SQLStatement() class is used as the base class for all DatabaseEngine-specific SQL statement classes of the Xbase++ runtime. It provides generic create, build and execution capabilities required by all concrete SQL statement implementations for the various backends supported.

It is not possible to create an instance of this class using :new(). Instead, the function DacSqlStatement() must be used to request a SQL statement object suitable for use with a given session/connection.

A SQL statement object may be used multiple times, but cannot be used concurrently from different threads. This restriction correlates with the core principle that in order to ensure proper transaction isolation, a session should only be used in a single thread at any given time.

Initial Methods
Creates an SQL statement object from a character string.
Instance Methods
Builds the final statement.
Returns the final SQL statement as a character string.
Executes SQL statements returning a single result set
Executes SQL statements with no return value.

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