Member variable XbpToolBarButton():style Foundation

Specifies the style of a tool bar button.

Attribute: EXPORTED

The instance variable :style contains a numeric value that specifies characteristics of the tool bar button. The following constants are supported for the :style instance variable:

Constants defined for tool bar button styles
Constant Description
XBPTOOLBAR_BUTTON_DEFAULT *) Default button style
XBPTOOLBAR_BUTTON_TOGGLE Function represented by the button is a toggle of a certain kind. If it is depressed, the button remains depressed until it is pressed again.
XBPTOOLBAR_BUTTON_BUTTONGROUP Button is part of a group of buttons which are mutually exclusive. Only one button can be selected in a button group. However, all of them can be unpressed.
XBPTOOLBAR_BUTTON_SEPARATOR Button is a divider between other buttons. Separator buttons can be used to visually group tool bar buttons. Cannot display caption or image.
XBPTOOLBAR_BUTTON_PLACEHOLDER Button serves as a place-holder, eg. for another Xbase Part. Buttons of this style can be used to reserve space for placing other objects in a tool bar object.
XBPTOOLBAR_BUTTON_DROPDOWN Button display a drop-down array next to its caption, which can be used to open a drop-down menu similar to an XbpCombobox.
  1. Default button style

The style of a given tool bar button can be specified using the <nStyle> parameter to XbpToolBar:addItem(). Alternatively, a button's :style instance variable may be used to change its style after it has already been added to an XbpToolBar instance.


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