Member variable XbpToolBarButton():mixedState Foundation

Specifies whether a tool bar button may be in an indeterminate state.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.F.)

Normally, a tool bar button can display itself in two states: pressed or unpressed. However, sometimes another state is required to adequately visualize the current state of the command or feature associated with a tool bar button. If the value .T. (TRUE) is assigned to a tool bar button's :mixedStateinstance variable, the system creates an indeterminate third state by dithering the button's image.

Mixed state tool bar buttons may be used by a word processor application to represent the bold state of the text currently selected. If both bold and normal text is present in the selection, the bold function's state is indeterminate and the application would set the corresponding tool bar button's:mixedState instance variable to .T. (TRUE).


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