Member variable XbpToolBarButton():hotImage Foundation

Specifies the image displayed by a tool bar button when the mouse is positioned over it.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Object (NIL)

The buttons in a XbpToolBar object can optionally display an alternate image when the user positions the mouse pointer over them. Normally, the system draws a frame around the tool button currently under the mouse pointer. However, the "hot" image displayed by a tool bar button can be changed through the <xHotImage> parameter to XbpToolBar:addItem(). To do this, the application assigns an instance of the XbpBitmap or XbpIcon classes. The object can be used to load images both from the application's resource as well as from disk. Alternatively, the :hotImage instance variable may be used to change the "hot" image after a tool bar button has been added to an XbpToolBar instance.

The XBPTOOLBAR_STYLE_FLAT style must be selected for the tool bar object. Otherwise, the mouse pointer position is ignored by the XbpToolBar instance and no "hot" images are displayed.

Note that changing an existing tool bar button's "hot" image is an expensive operation. Therefore, we recommend to use method XbpToolBar:addItem() to define a tool bar button's images.

A standard image must also be defined for the tool bar button object. Otherwise, the "hot" image will not be displayed. In addition, we recommend assigning custom images to all the buttons in a tool bar if the default imagery for "hot" buttons should not be used. Display may be incorrect if custom images are assigned only to a subset of the tool bar buttons.


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