Member variable XbpMultiCellGroup():DrawMode Foundation

Specifies the drawing mode of the XbpMultiCellGroup object.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (XBP_DRAW_NORMAL)

The :drawMode instance variable specifies the mode used to display the XbpMultiCellGroup object on the screen. In the default draw mode (XBP_DRAW_NORMAL), the operating system takes full control over the drawing process. In this mode, a multi cell group object is displayed using default imagery and the object's appearance cannot be controlled by the application. However, this default behaviour can be overriden. If the value XBP_DRAW_OWNER or XBP_DRAW_OWNERADVANCED is assigned to the :drawMode instance variable, no drawing is performed by the operating system. Instead, the Xbase++ runtime system uses xbeP_CustomDrawCell()events to notify the application whenever cells of the XbpMultiCellGroup object needs to be redrawn. The application is responsible for processing this event, and for creating the on-screen visualization. For this, the Graphics Engine commands can be used.

This protocol is called owner-drawing because display of the XbpMultiCell object is the responsibility of the object's owner. Using owner-drawing, an application can customize the visualization and the behaviour of an XbpMultiCellGroup object.

Possible values for instance variable :drawMode
Value Effect
XBP_DRAW_NORMAL *) Cells of the XbpMultiCellGroup object are drawn by the system.
XBP_DRAW_OWNER Caption or image within the cells of the object may be drawn by the application.
XBP_DRAW_OWNERADVANCED All elements of the XbpCellGroup object may be drawn by the application.
  1. Default value

The drawing mode must be assigned to :drawMode before the method :create() is executed.


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