Class XbpMultiCellGroup() Foundation

Class function of the XbpMultiCellGroup class


XbpMultiCellGroup() is a service class used to display a set of data as a multi-column table. Objects of this class are used by the XbpQuickBrowse()class for displaying the heading and data area of the browse display.

Class methods
Creates an instance of the XbpMultiCellGroup class.

The instance variables in this group configure system resources. If changes are made to the default values, they must be made before the :create() method is executed or :configure() must be called to activate the changes.

Determines whether the parent is clipped during graphic output.
Specifies the drawing mode of the XbpMultiCellGroup object.
Defines the number of columns
Array with reference strings for column width calculation.
Selects a pre-defined display style.
Life cycle
Requests system resources for the XbpMultiCellGroup object.
Reconfigures the XbpMultiCellGroup object after :create() has been executed.
Releases the system resources of the XbpMultiCellGroup object.
Cell manipulation
Retrieves the row and column position of a cell from a graphic coordinate.
Determines the graphic X/Y coordinates of a single cell.
Draws a single or multiple cells.
Retrieves the value of a single cell.
Retrieves the fore- and/or background color of a cell.
Displays a cell in normal or highlight color.
Defines the value to be displayed in a cell.
Changes the foreground and/or background color of a cell.
Display methods
Determines the number of columns displayed by the object.
Determines the alignment attribute of a column.
Determines the images defined for the visual representation of a value.
Retrieves the type attributes of a column.
Determines the width of a column in pixel.
Determines the height of the rows in pixel.
Defines the alignment attribute of a column.
Defines the visual representation of data displayed in a column.
Defines the display type of a column.
Sets the column width in pixel.
Sets the row height in pixel.
Scrolls cell contents upwards and clears the cells at the bottom.
Scrolls cell contents downwards and clears the cells at the top.
A cell within an owner-drawn XbpMultiCellGroup object needs to be redrawn.
Left mouse button is pressed on a cell.
Left double click occurred in a cell.

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