Method XbpMultiCellGroup():setAlignment() Foundation

Defines the alignment attribute of a column.

:setAlignment( <nColPos>, <nAlignment>, ;
                           [<lRepaint>] ) --> lSuccess
<nColPos> is a numeric value indicating the ordinal position of the column whose attribute is set.
Constants from the XBP.CH file must be used for this parameter. They are listed in the table below and can be added to to define horizontal and vertical alignment:
Constants for alignment
Constant Description
XBPALIGN_TOP Alignment at the top
XBPALIGN_LEFT Alignment on the left
XBPALIGN_BOTTOM Alignment at the bottom
XBPALIGN_RIGHT Alignment on the right
XBPALIGN_HCENTER Horizontally centered
XBPALIGN_VCENTER Vertically centered
<lRepaint> specifies whether or not the column is immediately re-displayed when the method returns. The default value is .T. (true) and the column is automatically re-displayed.

The method returns .T. (true) if the alignment attribute is set, or .F. (false) in case of a failure.


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