Method XbpMultiCellGroup():cellRect() Foundation

Determines the graphic X/Y coordinates of a single cell.

:cellRect( <nRowPos>, <nColPos>, [<lInnerRect>] ) --> aRect
<nRowPos> is a numeric value indicating the ordinal row position of the cell whose X/Y coordinates are determined.
<nColPos> is a numeric value indicating the ordinal column position of the cell.
If .T. (true) is passed for <lInnerRect>, the method returns the size of the inner cell rectangle, i.e. the cell rectangle without the space reserved for the cell border. This parameter defaults to .F. (false).

The method returns an array with four elements {nX1, nY1, nX2, nY2}. These are the X/Y coordinates of cell specified with <nRowPos> and <nColPos>.


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