Member variable XbpListBox():markMode Foundation

Determines the operating mode for marking and selecting items

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (XBPLISTBOX_MM_SINGLE)

Constants listed in the following table can be used for :markMode. They determine the mode for marking and selecting items in a list box, and are defined in XBP.CH.

Constants for :markMode
Constant Description
XBPLISTBOX_MM_SINGLE *) Only one item can be marked
XBPLISTBOX_MM_MULTIPLE **) Multiple items can be marked
XBPLISTBOX_MM_EXTENDED ***) Multiple items can be marked
  1. default
  2. special keys are ignored
  3. special keys are supported

If XBPLISTBOX_MM_MULTIPLE is used, any number of items can be marked and/or selected with the mouse. The space bar toggles the selection.

The extended selection mode (XBPLISTBOX_MM_EXTENDED) allows for selecting multiple items by holding the left button down and moving the mouse. In addition, the special keys Shift and Ctrl are supported.


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