Method XbpListBox():addItem() Foundation

Adds an item to the list of the list box.

:addItem( <cItem> ) --> nItemPos
<cItem> is a character string that is displayed as an item in the list of the XbpListbox object.

This method returns a numeric value identifying the position in the list where the item is found after the method terminates.


The :addItem() method is one of the most important methods of an XbpListBox object because it adds character strings to the list displayed by the object. Since :addItem() always adds character strings to the end of the list, the return value of this method is identical to the return value of :numItems().

If a character contains tab stop characters (Chr(9)), the string fragments separated by tab stops are aligned in columns. This way, an XbpListbox object can display data in multiple columns, although the :multiColumninstance variable is set to .F. (false). The tab stop positions can be defined with the :setTabstops(), so that individual column widths can be defined.

The tab character is not supported as a column separator for the list box part of an XbpCombobox object. If the character Chr(9) is present in <cItem>, an erroneous character is displayed.


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