Member variable XbpFileDialog():openReadOnly Foundation

Specifies whether files should be opened with write protection

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical | NIL (NIL)

This instance variable defines whether or not files selected by the user via :open() or :saveAs() should be opened in read-only mode by the application. If :openReadOnly contains the value NIL, the file dialog does not maintain this information. If it contains a logical value before the call to :open() or :saveAs(), the dialog displays a checkbox control that allows the user to specify whether the files selected should be opened read-only. If :openReadOnly contains .T. (true), this control is initially selected. If :openReadOnly is .F. (false), the checkbox is not initially selected.

If :openReadOnly is non-NIL, its value is implicitly updated by both the :open() and :saveAs() method. When either method returns, :openReadOnly contains the selection of the checkbox control for specifying write protection at the time the user closed the dialog.


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