Member variable XbpFileDialog():defExtension Foundation

Default extension of a file selected by the user

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Character string ("")

The :defExtension instance variable optionally specifies the default extension for files selected in the file dialog. The extension is appended automatically to the file name(s) if the user fails to explicitly specify an extension. The string should not contain a period (.). If :defExtension contains the empty string (""), no extension is appended and the file name is returned exactly as it was typed in the file dialog.

If a file filter has been defined and is currently active, the content of the :defExtension instance variable is ignored if the filter expression specifies a valid file extension. In this case, the extension defined in the filter expression is used instead. See the :fileFiltersinstance variable for further information.

Although the string assigned to :defExtension can be of any length, only the first three characters are recognized by Windows.


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