Member variable XbpFileDialog():noWriteAccess Foundation

Controls validation techniques applied by the file dialog

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.F.)

This instance variable controls how the file dialog attempts to validate file and path information entered by the user. Per default, the file dialog performs read and/or write access to the directories and files selected to validate the user's input. If :noWriteAccess contains the value .T. (true), no write access is performed.

This may be required for certain network connections that restrict random access to shared files and/or directories. In normal situations, changing the default setting of this instance variable should not be required.

Setting :noWriteAccess to .T. (true) limits the options available to the file dialog for validating user input. In this case, the file dialog does not check for write protection, a full disk, an open drive door, or network protection. In other words, path and/or file validation may not be performed as expected, see the :validatePath instance variable.


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