Member variable XbpCombobox():type Foundation

Determines the combo box type.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (XBPCOMBO_DROPDOWN)

Three constants are available for the :type instance variable. These constants are defined in the XBP.CH file and are listed in the following table:

Constants for the definition of the type of combo box
Constant Description
XBPCOMBO_SIMPLE List box is always dropped down
XBPCOMBO_DROPDOWN *) List box dropped down via a mouse click
XBPCOMBO_DROPDOWNLIST List box dropped down via a mouse click and keyboard input in the entry field is not allowed
  1. Default value

If owner-drawing is to be used with the XbpCombobox object, the constant XBPCOMBO_DROPDOWNLIST must be assigned to the :typeinstance variable.


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