Method XbpCombobox():showBalloonTip() Foundation

Displays a balloon-like window with information on the combo box.

:showBalloonTip( [<nType>], [<cTitle>], <cText> ) --> lSuccess

This method returns the value .T. (true) if the balloon tip window is displayed, otherwise it returns .F. (false).


The method :showBalloonTip() displays a balloon-like information window over the edit component of a combo box object, similar to a tool tip. See the documentation on the base class implementation XbpSLE:showBalloonTip()for further information on arguments, return value and behavior.

Balloon tip windows are supported only for combo boxes of type XBPCOMBO_SIMPLE and XBPCOMBO_DROPDOWN. Moreover, a manifest file or resource must be defined for the application. If no manifest is defined, calling :showBalloonTip() has no effect.


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