Method XbpCombobox():sleSize() Foundation

Returns the size of the SLE part of the Combobox.

:sleSize( [<aSize>] ) >= <aOldSize>
<aSize> := { nXSize, nYSize }
<aSize> contains an array with two elements defining the width and height, respectively, of the edit component of a combo box object.

This method returns an array of two elements: { nXsize, nYsize }. This array contains the x and y dimensions of the SLE part of the combobox.

When the combobox has the :type XBPCOMBO_DROPDOWN the returned nXsize width does not include the width of the dropdown button. For objects of type XBPCOMBO_SIMPLE or XBPCOMBO_DROPDOWNLIST, the returned nXsize corresponds to the overall width of the object.


The :sleSize() method returns the size of the SLE part of the combobox in pixels. To change the size of the Sle part, assign an array to parameter <aSize> in :sleSize(). Changing the size of the edit component is supported only for combo boxes of type XBPCOMBO_DROPDOWN and XBPCOMBO_DROPDOWNLIST.

The width of the edit component is defined by the system depending on the overall object width, and cannot be changed. Element <nXSize> of the array in parameter <aSize> is ignored.


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