Event XbpCombobox():measureItem Foundation

Compute dimensions of an owner-drawn combobox item.

:measureItem := {| nItem, aDims, self | ... }
:measureItem( nItem, aDims ) --> self
xbeP_MeasureItem (1048648)
Parameter <nItem> specifies the index/ordinal number of the combobox item whose dimensions are to be measured. If xbeP_MeasureItem is generated for the edit component of the combobox, <nItem> contains the value -1.
<aDims> := {nWidth, nHeight}
<aDims> is an array containing the item's dimensions.

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The xbeP_MeasureItem event is generated by the Xbase++ runtime system to determine the item dimensions in an owner-drawn combobox. In addition, xbeP_MeasureItem is used to determine the dimensions of the edit component of a combobox object. In this case, parameter <nItem>contains the value -1.

For a full discussion of the arguments and behaviour of xbeP_MeasureItem, see the documentation on the base class' implementation XbpListbox:measureItem().

The width of the edit component of the combo box is defined by the system and cannot be changed. Consequently, the value in element nWidth of parameter<aDims> is ignored if <nItem> is -1. In addition, the height of a combo box item is limited to 255 pixels.


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